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Delta's mayor not in favour of regional police force

DELTA (NEWS1130) – A regional police force will not benefit the citizens of Delta, according to Mayor Lois Jackson.

She is the latest person to come out against the recommendation put forward by Missing Women Inquiry Commissioner Wally Oppal. Jackson doesn’t feel it would make her community safer, nor would it making policing cheaper.

“Everything that we analyzed here in Delta, including our ability to change and provide immediate response to more officers or change or any direction can happen now at the local level… if there was a regional force that could not happen.”

She says Delta’s model is ‘No Call is too Small” and that has been instituted for 13 years. “Local trends can be identified and analyzed and when you look after the small stuff, the big stuff is going to be taken care of much more easily and this has been proven in New York City.”

Jackson explains the Pickton murders happened a number of years ago and policing has changed a lot since then.

“Communication between all police departments has changed considerably since then and I don’t think creating a big mega police force is going to serve any of my people well.”

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@cb, the entire Western World is wrong and the GVRD has it right with 11 police forces in one city? Considering Vancouver and region has the 3rd highest property crime rate in North America – do you think there is a link? Do you even think? Go bang your head on a wall and try to knock some sense into it. Or even better, go move to some small hillbilly town where you belong and take your mayor with you.

January 24, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    You really are an arrogant piece of ****…no one is entilted to have an opinion different to yours.
    Every time I see you respond to any story on here it’s the same “my way or the highway” attitude.
    Guess your life must be very boring trolling on this site day after day.
    By the way, the GVRD is not a city, so how can there be “11 police forces in one city”.

    January 24, 2013 at 9:54 pm