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Oil spill could cost taxpayers billions: Environmentalists

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Environmental groups are warning about a big bill in the event of an oil spill in BC.

Taxpayers could face billions of dollars in costs, unless changes are made.

The groups say a major spill could cost $10 billion or more, but insurance would only cover a tenth of that, leaving the rest of the cost to taxpayers.

Brenda Belak with West Coast Environmental Law says it’s a simple message. “There is not enough money available through existing insurance regimes to clean up a medium to a large spill.”

The BC government says it’s working on a polluter pay system as part of an overhaul of policies.

The environmental groups are also concerned about the increased risk of a spill created by planned expansion.

Christianne Wilhelmson of the Georgia Strait Alliance says a spill could affect the core of the province’s economy.

“We have thousands of species that exist here, and many exist nowhere else. In addition, we have over three million people who live in and around the Strait of Georgia. This is where the majority of British Columbians live, work, and play. This is where the heart of our economy is truly based.”

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Oil Spill Eater was demonstrated for several Louisiana Senators, Louisiana prominent Professors,as well as homeland security on the State of Louisiana Capital lake on May 5 2010. This group was so impressed they requested Dean Mallory of Governor Jidal’s fast track review committee to find a safe solution for the BP spill, to review and vette all the technical information in regards to OSE II. OSE II had been tested 9 months earlier by LSU and showed OSE II could remediate 89% of heavy oil in 28 days and given a short time longer could convert 100% of the oil to CO2 and water. The fast track review committee consisted of prominent Dr.”s and scientist from Lafayette University, LSU, University of New Orleans, Tulane University as well as scientist from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. Their review took over 5 hours and after the conclusion they relayed to the Governor that Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) had merit and should be demonstrated on the spill. The Governors office requested the CEO of the OSEI Corporation Mr. Steven Pedigo and the OSEI associates to be in the Governors office at 8:30 am May 6, 2010. The governor’s office requested Mr Pedigo and his associates to go to Shell Beach La (a staging area for the BP spill) to meet with an LA DEQ official, to then take a helicopter to the Chandelier Islands ( LA barrier Islands) to perform a demonstration. Mr. Pedigo and the OSEI Corp associates went to Shell beach and met with LA DEQ personnel, and while waiting for the helicopter to go to the Chandelier Islands ABC news filmed a demonstration of OSE II on waste oil and diesel from a fishing vessel. Parish President Graig Taffaro initiated the request for the demonstration and with LA DEQ personnel watching ABC filmed the demonstration. Graig Taffaro was so impressed he asked how much OSE II would cost and what he could do to outfit numerous vessels to apply OSE II. Soon after the demonstration which is on the OSEI web site, the national guard helicopter showed up to take Mr. Pedigo, the OSEI associates LA DEQ personnel, and the ANC news crew to perform and film the demonstration, and the EPA Sam Coleman stopped the Governor from having the demonstration carried out. May 6th was the day the BP oil first arrived to the La barrier Islands, and had the US EPA Sam Coleman allowed the demonstration, would allowed the already demonstrated and vetted solution OSE II to protect the natural resources in La, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and even Texas to have been protected. The OSEI Corporation was able to perform numerous demonstrations on shorelines, some with sand, some with marsh grass, successfully in front of state senators US EPA officials, and Environmental associates from Mississippi and Alabama as well as the city council for Destin Florida. State senators from La, Mississippi, Alabama, and the destin city council all requested the use of OSE II after they had seen their own demonstrations and the EPA refused or ignored their requests. The North American Legal council Jack Lynch for BP in a letter to the OSEI Corporation stated they had requested OSE II and the EPA denied their request and they were bound by the EPA’s decision. Jack Lynch through Bob Dudley’s office also stated that BP would consider using OSE II, if the officials would approve OSE II, A formal request for the use of OSE II was submitted to RRT VI on July 1, to July 3, 2011, and they have dragged their feet and still have not concurred, however the OSEI Corporation is still pushing for the concurrence. What this means is the US EPA has stopped the Gulf states from protecting their natural resources, and forced the gulf states to endure the horrifically toxic dispersant Corexit 9527 and 9500 to sink oil, and not remove it from the environment. State senator AG Crowe sent several requests to the US Coats Guard to stop using the toxic Corexit and his requests were ignored, and they continued with the toxic poisoning of the Gulf. The US EPA should be held accountable for the sinking of the oil since Corexit 9527 is the only product they would approve for over 20 years giving this product a monopoly for spill response. This product should never have even been considered for spill response much less given a pre-approval since the testing of its ingredients have shown it to be very toxic and hazardous to humans, and the testing of this product on pre-cutaneous tests shows it helps increase the compromised health of humans. Corexit 9527 and another Exxon product have been used on three major spills the Ixtoc, Valdez, and now the BP spill with the same disastrous effects, destroyed species, destroyed natural resources, and compromised health of thousands of humans, yet in the recent spill conference the EPA was trying to persuade the public they carried out a good response. In the recent National academy of science paper on the BP spill, (which they were given all the information to from the EPA and NOAA) they tried to claim they removed 25% of the oil, which is poor at best, however if you look at the numbers they really only removed 8% of the oil leaving the rest in the Gulf. There are several members of the RRT including the US EPA with successful testing and field use of OSE II and yet they are still depriving the US Gulf States the ability to clean up the Gulf and protect their natural resources. The New Orleans conference brought out the fact there is still an enormous amount of oil laying on the seabed that is still coming ashore in large amounts, and yet the EPA is not addressing this and getting it cleaned up. The EPA know;s full well OSE II can clean up the seabed and any oil coming ashore, and they to date will not do what their charter requires them to do and that is protect the natural resources of the US and the health safety and welfare of the US citizens. It may be time for the states to exert their 10th amendment rights since it has become painfully obvious the EPA allows the destruction of the Gufl states resources when they knew, and know there is a means to protect them.

January 26, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Dude, time for an education. So called environmentalists? Most of these “so-called” environmentalists are experts in their field. They’ve earned their PhDs. Naysayers like you are generally dismissive towards people trying to protect the planet – including people like you! This space isn’t small enough for me to expound on the ramifications of environmental destruction. If you think environmental disasters don’t affect you both from a health standpoint and an economic standpoint think again. I know you’ve alluded to suggesting that “they” come up with a solution – “they” did – don’t build a pipeline. Do you realize that building this pipeline only serves to continue down the path of 1) supporting the oil industry and 2) destroying the planet – from the ground through the atmosphere. We cannot continue to support an industry bent on pure profit at our expense. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the oil industry doesn’t care about anything or anyone as long as they get money. They hold us hostage regardless. Food for thought, remember when the automotive industry was in trouble after 2008? How much do you think the oil industry – yes, the industry the gets its profits from the automobile industry – gave the automobile industry? NOTHING! It’s time for us to move forward, away from this destructive industry to a new, clean form of energy that doesn’t put our lives and that of the planet’s at risk. Remember, when you support the oil industry – you’re lining their pockets with your money at the planet’s expense.

January 25, 2013 at 5:14 am