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Serious issues with BC's criminal security system: AG

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The auditor general is warning about security flaws in a government system.

And it’s not the first time.

The latest focus of Auditor General John Doyle is a justice system program called JUSTIN, which among other data, handles police reports to Crown Counsel.

Doyle says there are serious problems with the security. “The highly sensitive information is at risk to people coming in, copying the information, using it inappropriately.”

Doyle has previously warned about security vulnerabilities in the government’s corrections case management system.

The BC government has responded to this latest report by saying it is taking immediate action.

“As a result of the recommendations in Mr. Doyle’s report, information security for BC’s justice case-tracking system has been reinforced with stronger defence mechanisms to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate access,” says Justice Minister Shirley Bond in a news release.