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Olympic medallist trying to stomp out smoking on ski hills

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – She says wouldn’t have won gold if she was a smoker.

That’s why freestyle skier Ashleigh McIvor is trying to stomp out smoking in ski hills.

McIvor, who won Olympic gold in ski cross at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, says she is tired of being on the chairlift and having to inhale all the toxins. “I think a lot of those people don’t realize the impact their second-hand smoke has on others. I feel like if they did realize that, they’d be more considerate. We’re out here to enjoy the fresh air, take in the scenery and be active and healthy.”

She credits her success to a smoke-free lifestyle, and she is urging others to make similar choices. That’s why she is backing the Your-Call campaign.

She says more work needs to be done in terms of reduction. About 12 per cent of teens smoke and 21 per cent of 20-24 year-olds smoke as well.

There are some teens who are well aware of the fact that smoking and sports don’t mix.

Competitive skier Kelsey wouldn’t consider picking up the habit.

“We do tons of stuff in class too, writing about smoking and the side effect and the consequences that come out of it. So it’s just better not to.”

Others on the slopes believe smoking can lead to other harmful drugs.