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Richmond RCMP investigating human skeletal remains

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Survey crews made a gruesome discovery while working in a marshy area of Richmond Saturday morning.

While they’re not saying much else, Richmond RCMP will say they’ve found the remains of a human skeleton.

Any other details are being kept close to the vest for the time being, including the location of the body itself. The RCMP have acknowledged that they needed the Coast Guard’s assistance in getting across the marshy area to the body, but are saying little else.

“For investigational reasons, the exact location is not being disclosed,” said RCMP Cpl. Sherrdean Turley.

Turley acknowledged they believe the body has been there for some time, though they don’t know for how long. Because of the body’s condition, a portion of the investigation has been turned over to the coroner’s office to help determine its gender.

The coroner will also help determine whether foul play was involved.

Turley said police do not yet have a timeline for the investigation.