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Union concerned about New West parking attendants safety

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – Spit in the face, sucker punched, and kicked, these are just some of the things parking attendants in New Westminster have been dealing with lately.

Incidents like that happen at least once a week according to George Habib with CUPE Local 387.

He says the union is very concerned with the safety of some of its employees. “Pushing, shoving and it would escalate.  We have one officer who was sucker punched and ended up with a severe concussion.  He is still off and will be for a few months.”

So why are people doing this?

“They’re asking why they’ve been given the the ticket or they have an excuse for having done something that they shouldn’t have,” explains Habib.

Habib says at one point one of the attendants even had dog feces smeared under the handle of her car.

He says he realizes receiving a ticket doesn’t make anyone happy, but if you don’t think you deserve it, there are ways to dispute it that don’t involve physical and verbal aggression.

Habib says take a deep breath and remember these people are just doing their job.