VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s being described as a chaotic, terrifying situation with one witness believing a movie was being shot in the neighbourhood.

Vancouver Police have a suspect in custody following a multiple stabbing in Vancouver’s West End. It happened around 6:45 p.m. yesterday inside an apartment building on Barclay near Bute Street.

Seven people were injured, six of whom had to be taken to hospital. One person is said to have very serious injuries.

Everyone shocked they say this is a quiet, nice neighbourhood that hardly ever has any problems.

Jeff was in the neighbouring building.

“I heard screaming and then I heard all the sirens and the police come. I could see them, from my living room, running up the stairwell and yelling, “Vancouver Police! Show yourself!’”

“A lot of these victims were unrelated to each other and had no dealings with each other. It was something that possibly happened within the hallway and a random attack on all these individuals,” says Sergeant Randy Fincham with the VPD.

“It’s early and we’re attempting to determine how far into the building this individual went. At this point, we don’t believe that this person lives — or did live — inside that building. We’re attempting to determine where in the building he had travelled when he was in there.”

The 33-year-old suspect was arrested in one of the suites but police don’t believe he lives in the building. An officer was also injured during the arrest.

Police don’t have a motive for the attack.