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Coroner inquest underway into teen's death in Surrey

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – As a grieving mother watched, a coroner’s inquest looked into the death of a teen who was struck by an RCMP cruiser in Surrey.

A jury heard the officer was speeding without his police lights or sirens, responding to a call about a stolen car, when he ran into the young woman.

It happened two years ago near the King George SkyTrain station, in an area known for jaywalking.

Ashley Guiboche, 18, was crossing the road at night when she was struck and killed.

In his opening comments, the inquest’s lawyer says Constable Albert Luk was going just under 90 kilometers an hour, when he looked at his computer screen and didn’t see the girl.

Noormohmed Maje was the first witness to testify. Reporters had a chance to speak with him during a break outside the courtroom.

Maje: “He’s very fast.”
Reporter: “Did he have lights or sirens?”
Maje: “No, no sirens, no lights. There were no brakes too.”

Guiboche’s mother wiped away tears as she listened to the inquest, which is scheduled for three days.

The jury may choose to make recommendations to prevent something similar from happening again.