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Jury makes recommendations in Ashley Guiboche inquest

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – The inquest into the death of a Surrey teenager is over.

The jury in the Ashley Guiboche coroner’s inquest have made six recommendations aimed at helping to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. The 18-year-old was killed after being hit by an RCMP cruiser on King George Boulevard two years ago.

The recommendations include:

– Finding a solution to the jaywalking problem along King George Boulevard between 98 and 100 Avenues. This could include installing an overhead walkway that would run parallel to the tracks at the King George SkyTrain station, signs set up at the east and west sidewalks ordering people to cross at the crosswalks, and that the fence be extended from 98 to 100 Avenues.

– Improved RCMP training for officers on when they should activate their cruisers lights and sirens.

– That an audible text message system be installed in RCMP cruiser computers.

– That RCMP consider installing a recording device in all crusiers that turns on when lights and sirens are activated.

– That senior officers ride along with new officers for one year, up from the current three months.

– A copy of the verdict be given to every officer in the RCMP E Division.

Just before the inquest wrapped up, Lesley Guiboche, Ashley’s mother, was forced to pass along her statement regarding her daughter’s death when she became too emotional to speak.

Court heard Ashley was the first born. She enjoyed girlie things like hair, makeup, singing, and dancing.

She loved to laugh and enjoyed life, she was described as a beautiful, independent woman.

Court also heard how proud she was of her job at Zellers.

She was leaving work the night she was hit near the King George SkyTrain station.

Constable Albert Luk was speeding, looking for a possible stolen car, and didn’t have his lights or sirens activated when the cruiser slammed into Guiboche.

Luk has said he didn’t turn his sirens or lights on because he didn’t want to tip off the possible car thief.

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I’d like to know how many jaywalkers are hit annually. Police need to crack down on these people and stop treating the hit ones as “victims”. As a pedestrian, you should always assume you don’t know what the next car will do. Use crosswalks, always! It’s not rocket science.

The idea of blaming the man who was doing his job (policing) instead of the person breaking the law is the reason our justice system is failing and why criminals are being released daily.

February 08, 2013 at 6:43 am

It is typical of our society to make excuses for the idiots of our society. This person (notice I am not calling her a victim) who decided to jaywalk across a busy street, in the middle of the evening, rolled the dice and lost. The jury should recommend that people not be so lazy and walk down to a proper crosswalk. When the idiots of our society decide to become too lazy and become so complacent, then accidents are bound to happen. @globeman – you call the crime a petty car thief, yet I am sure your tune would change if that petty car thief struck and killed a person or even worse a member of your family. Obviously, you are not one of the upstanding citizens you are claiming, if you were a person of interest, you obviously have some sort of past or have done something to have the police look at you – so you comments mean nothing, you are scorn and your comments should be taken as such. @Manslaughter – you must be one of the idiots that I am speaking of, people don’t get charged with Manslaughter for accidents, like the person who replied previous, a drunk driver doesn’t even get charged with Manslaughter. It is very easy to be arm chair quarterbacks, yet when we need the help the police are the first people we call, they do the best job that they can and unfortunately, accidents happen. It is easy to say that this officer should not have been looking at his computer screen, but the same amount of blame (if not more) should be on the person who he hit – the person who was jaywalking. It is quite obvious, that this person’s family are pushing, so they are able to get some money out of this. Perhaps, the RCMP should be going after this person and her family to pay for the damage to the vehicle and the insurance being paid out to the officer for this traumatic incident. Pedestrians need to realize they do not have the right away, when they decide to break the law and jaywalk. If you decide to be lazy and roll the dice, be ready for the possible consequences.

February 08, 2013 at 5:53 am

    Actually, Vehicular Manslaughter can be applied if the jury finds that he was negligent in his driving and that caused the loss of life. The officer was looking at a computer screen while driving. As to her guilt, it has been established she Jaywalked, however you cannot punish the dead, what you can do is hold both parties liable and find solutions for the problem. In this case police sure as hell shouldnt be checking their computer while hitting persuit speeds and having their lights and sirens off.

    February 08, 2013 at 8:02 am