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NDP calls upcoming budget a 'short-term fix'

SURREY (NEWS1130) – With BC’s budget due later this month the New Democrats are reviving criticism of a plan to sell public land.  The NDP is calling it a short term fix at the expense of our future.

About a year ago, the province announced a plan to sell some surplus properties; land from a number of ministries and crown corporations.

NDP Finance Critic Bruce Ralston doesn’t think that sends a good message to people worried about the province’s financial situation.  “Any purchaser, who is thinking about buying that land is going to think that that might be a little bit of desperation and the price might go down.”

Today, NDP Leader Adrian Dix and some of his party members stood on a piece of land in Surrey that at one point was targeted for re-development for a new hospital in Surrey.

Ralston went on to say the government’s financial plans rely too much on the sale of public lands.  “We are troubled by this program; it looks very much like a short-term fix.  It’s designed solely to fill a hole in the budget and not really to take into account the long-term interests of British Columbians.”

This debate is ahead of the BC Budget which will be unveiled on February 19th.  The Liberals are promising to balance the books.  News1130‘s Jesse Johnston will be in Victoria on Budget Day, we will also have a team of reporters working on the story, bringing you full coverage throughout the day.


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Dean in Abby

Funny how the Dix group of mensa club members are always against anything the gov’t does or wants to do. In all of this nonsense by the No Direction Party, I have yet to hear what they would do to fix any problem. The truth is, the only thing they would do is raise taxes, overspend and borrow, fatten up their union friends, and bankrupt this province like they did last time. Employers in Alberta must be hoping Dix gets elected because if he does, lots of folks will be heading there to find work. How credible can these guys be if they NEVER say what they would do and how much it would cost?

February 07, 2013 at 7:18 pm
John Boy

Why does the government need to own so much land? What is the point? The NDP budget would be 5 billion in the whole yearly.

February 07, 2013 at 6:46 pm