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Surrey backs off legal action against t-shirt maker

SURREY (NEWS1130) – Who’s Surrey now?  It looks like the City of Surrey has backed off its threatened legal action against a local firm that sells shirts making light of the suburb’s problems with gangs and guns.

Yesterday, News1130 reported the city had sent the people behind SurreyShirts.com a cease-and-desist letter, over t-shirts, hoodies, and other items with slogans like, “Better Safe than Surrey,” using the city’s logo.

“That tells me that either it’s not worth their while or possibly that, as we believe, have legal standing to actually have these kinds of shirts out in Surrey,” says co-owner Don Pitcairn.

He adds his site has received a record amount of visits since the story first broke.

“Yesterday, we had 30,000 hits and from talking to the webmaster this morning, he said we had just an incredible amount of traffic that was causing a few issues.”

He claims he has sold more merchandise in the past 24 hours than since the site first launched in mid-December.

Pitcairn says while the shirts are meant to be humourous, they’re also meant to shine a light on the Surrey’s problems and start a conversation about dealing with them and finding a solution.