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The NDP is against a tax hike to fund transit

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – More negative response to a proposal by Metro Vancouver mayors to fund transit.

The leader of the BC NDP is not a big fan of a pitch to raise the sales tax by up to half a per cent.

“It’s not the right idea, and it’s not the right moment,” says Adrian Dix. “I’ll review what they have to say, and I respect it, but I’m far from agreeing with it.”

The NDP is in favour of putting some of the carbon tax revenue towards transit.

“That’s our position right now. We’ll look at some of the other things the mayors have proposed,” adds Dix.

The mayors are looking for ways to raise money to fund expansion of the system.

They’ve presented three short-term ideas and two long-term strategies that include a vehicle levy, using carbon tax revenue, the explorations of land value capture, and a comprehensive road pricing system.

BC Transportation Minister Mary Polak has asked the mayors to give her more information, including which transit expansion plan would go first.

Richard Walton, Chair of the Mayors’ Council on Transportation  is meeting with Transportation Minister Mary Polak next week.

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The Mayors are out of touch with spending in their own cities! Two things, Mayors should have to rein in City spending before asking us for more for the never ending Transit pot.

And user pay, seems the only user that keeps having to pay is the car driver. If transit needs more, user pay. You are riding, you pay more!

February 08, 2013 at 8:22 am

Phil Parsons – the suggested tax is .5% not .05%. In other words one half of one percent making the sales tax in the lower mainland 12.5%, 5% GST and 7.5% PST (if and when the PST is ever reinstated)
If you buy a $40,000 car, the additional cost of the proposed tax would be $200, or for $2000 worth of furniture or electronics, an additional $10.

A more logical fund raising method might be to have TransLink perform all traffic/motor vehicle control, speed traps, cell phone while driving, intersection violations and have those fines remain in their jurisdiction rather than go into general revenue in Victoria.

February 08, 2013 at 7:52 am