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Transit police sniff out drug bust

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Transit police scored a big bust this week following their noses.

A pair of men and several pounds of pot were grabbed all thanks to a strong smell.

The pair got on the SkyTrain at Main Street, turning the heads, and noses of a pair of plain clothes officers.

Cst. Anne Drennan says the officers pulled them off the train at the next stop, searched their backpacks and found almost two pounds of marijuanna in plastic freezer bags.

“The odour is extremely strong, much stronger than somebody who is smoking a joint or has smoked a joint and has it clinging to their clothes. Apparently the duo were just reeking as they got onto the train,” she says.

“It’s possible that if they had been around it for awhile, or maybe was involved in the harvest, they could no longer smell it. The officer said it was overpoweringly strong, so it’s amazing that they thought they could walk around an no one would notice,” Drennan adds.

A 25-year-old North Vancouver man is now being charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and will appear in court at the end of the month.