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Bridge connecting New West and Coquitlam closed indefinitely

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – The single lane wooden bridge connecting Braid St and United Boulevard, which already had a weight restriction in place, and is now closed completely after an inspection by New Westminster engineers found structural problems.

The main truss that supports the bridge has split.  Further inspections are set for Tuesday.

That won’t help drivers says New West Councillor Chuck Puchmayr.

“It’s tough getting in and out of there now without problems with the Bailey Bridge. It’s going to be gridlock in that industrial park,” explains Puckmayr.

“It is a choke point because there is a four lane truck route on the north side of the Fraser,” says Port Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart.

“From my perspective it’s rather unusual to go from carrying trucks one day to shutting it down for cars the next day, so I assume catastrophic failure.”

New West engineers will re evaluate the bridge Tuesday, and no options have been ruled out including a full replacement.

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Nobody believes you!!! Commuting sucks!! and New Westminster seems to get off on making it harder for us every year. Just more proof that New Westminster has their heads up their butts. It is a city run by NIMBY’s. I thought they would put speed bumps in on every route through the city to piss us off long before they shut this bridge down. I say take four bulldozers and plough a four lane highway down Columbia to Front st and back onto Columbia to Brunette, We have no choice, We have to get through your city each night to get home. P.S. That old bridge can be replaced with another Bailey bridge in a matter of days the army does it all the time and they are designed to withstand the weight of trucks carrying tanks. At least do that for us.
Dave Woycheshen, Coquitlam BC

February 12, 2013 at 4:02 pm
work in the industrial park

I don’t know what the real problem is here… oh wait all the people trying to use it as a short cut from new west to maple ridge…..
I love watching all the people who get stuck there when a train comes through and there’s no where to go because commuters from the east traveling west block the bridge because they can’t see past their own agenda ….. making it at least a two lane over pass will at least make it so cyclists and pedestrians have a safe form of travel without screwing traffic up anymore then it is… a cyclist was hit just the other day!!! … it will alsi help those of us WHO WORK in there… I mean the fact that I gotta sit there and wait just to get out offbof braid is rediculous

February 12, 2013 at 11:07 am