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NDP focusing on struggles this Family Day long weekend

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The provincial NDP is talking about family struggles on this Family Day long weekend.

They are keying in on the province’s high rates of inequality and child poverty.

Reports over the past year find BC is the worst in the country for inequality and second worse for child poverty.

NDP leader Adrian Dix says those are crucial issues in need of a plan. “So we have to get at that, as we’ve said, by investing in opportunity and ensuring that no young person, and this is a problem I get when I talk to moms and dads and grandparents today, a concern that their children won’t have the same opportunities they had.”

Dix also says education is a family issue, and argues no young adult should be denied education because of a lack of money. “That means that our core services that ensure future opportunity for everybody such as education become more important.”

Dix says the province is in need of a plan to tackle the problem. “We’re committed to providing one and demonstrating that within the means of the province in the next election campaign.”

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A. Dix

Get rid of “Dirty Dix” !!!

February 11, 2013 at 10:49 am

Tweleve years ago, the people of this province could not get rid of the NDP faster, to a point where they only put two members into the Legislative Assembly. The people of this province not only gave the Liberals a mandate with the large number of people they elected, but they sent a message that an NDP Goverement does not work. The NDP Goverment will drive this province into the hole (again), like they did for the ten years they were in power. The people of this province forget very fast. The NDP drove business out of this province, so that their Fat Cat Union Leaders could make their money. The NDP is very hypocritical, saying that the Liberal’s support business, when the NDP support Unions. If you think that the NDP Goverment is going to get rid of Famiy Day, you are kidding cause it would upset the Unions (who make huge money on holidays), if teachers think they will get their big fat juicy raises, they got another thing coming, cause they were not able to negotiate a contract with the NDP either. If you think that the NDP is going to do a better job fiscally, you are kidding your self, you cannot fiscally do better when you drive business out of this province. I believe the NDP will be in power after the next election, then everyone will realize how big of a mistake they made and the following election will abolish them again. The NDP is quick to jump on the BC Rail bandwagon, but do we forget Glenn Clark and Mike Harcourt, the Fast Ferries. Lets be real, people need to face realality, an NDP Goverment will again destroy this province.

February 11, 2013 at 3:44 am