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Victim of bullying named "Miss Teen Vancouver"

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – She’s just 14 years old, bullied so badly in school that she has decided to pursue online learning.

This same girl has just won the title of “Miss Teen Vancouver,” and she is taking the opportunity to stand up for other girls who feel helpless.

Dani Lafleur says the name calling started in grade eight. Things about her were posted online and she quickly turned to cutting as a way of dealing with it all.

“It all just rooted from my self esteem. I didn’t feel confident in myself, and I didn’t like myself and it was very traumatizing,” she explains.

She says she’s been working on herself for a year now and that’s when she entered the pageant

“I’m going to the ‘Miss Teen Canada World” pageant this summer and we’re raising money for ‘Free the Children.'”

Her dream is to raise enough cash so she can go to Kenya and help build up the villages there.

“So now I feel like I am ready to make a change and I feel sick thinking about girls being in the position that I have been in.”

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Congratulaions my dear granddaughter on your fantastic win at the Pageant. I am so proud of you becoming Miss Teen Vancouver! Even more important is how strong and happy you have become over this past year. It has been a long hard struggle, and there still remain challenges. But with your wonderful support system, and the love of Family and Friends, you will find your way to achieve the many goals ahead of you. On to your next challenge!
Love and Hugs,
Gramma and your girls Fancy and Lark xx .

February 18, 2013 at 9:42 pm
Mark LaFleur

Hi Danielle,
I was so surprised to hear you on the radio. But it never surprised me that you would win a contest. This contest is just a taste of all the lovely things you’re destined for. Don’t let festering pustules like Jen and other jealous people affect you in the least. They will always be there because you are clearly a winner and jealous ugly people hate winners. I hope to see you before I leave for Paris.
Much Love,
Uncle Mark

February 15, 2013 at 7:20 pm