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LAPD releases video showing missing Vancouver woman

LOS ANGELES (NEWS1130) – New footage of a Vancouver woman who disappeared in LA in January may provide some clues into her disappearance.

Elisa Lam is in an elevator of The Cecil Hotel in downtown LA

The video shows the UBC student pressing several random buttons and tucking herself into the elevator corner.

The 21-year-old steps out a few times and peaks out the doors, she seems quite on edge.

LAPD Officer Norma Eisenman says this video shows exactly what she looks like and what she was last seen wearing.

“Obviously from watching the video you can see that she does some actions that kind of make you wonder what her actions are. But we can’t comment on what state of mind she was in or so-forth,” says Eisenman.

Her disappearance is being called suspicious.

“This is the most current video that shows what she looked like in the last couple of weeks,” explains Eisenman.

The video was made available to the LAPD by the hotel.

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She’s probably been drugged by the guy that is holding the elevator door open with the outside button. There is no reason why the doors won’t close after pressing the buttons.

She may have pressed all those buttons so the guy won’t know what floor she lives, or gets off on.

February 19, 2013 at 11:17 pm