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City councillor follows through on colleague complaint

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Vancouver city councillor wants code of conduct rules clarified.

Geoff Meggs thinks fellow councillor Adriane Carr went too far in her criticism of City Manager Penny Ballem.

He has now asked the mayor to start an investigation under code of conduct rules.

Meggs says it’s not about punishing Carr. “I think it’s important to clarify for everybody going forward what we can and can’t say about our staff. That doesn’t stop anybody from saying anything they want about issues and policies before the city and that kind of thing, and I made that clear in my letter.”

Carr accused Ballem of overstepping her authority by preventing a motion related to the controversial park board change in community centre operations.

Meggs thinks Carr went too far. “The tone of the comments, and even some of them, they came after the council meeting, struck me as outside that code and I would like to find out what a third party feels about that.”