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Mayor of Coquitlam wants to speak with Darcie Clarke

COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – The mayor of Coquitlam will be touching base with the ex-wife of Allan Schoenborn.

“I will be endeavouring to have a conversation with Darcie and her family as we move forward here. This is much more complex, obviously, the city of Coquitlam has an interest in protecting a resident of Coquitlam,” says Richard Stewart.

Stewart says Schoenborn’s request to move to a facility in Manitoba is complicated, because his well-being and the rights of victims have to both be properly considered.

“Ultimately this decision will be made, I suspect, on what’s best for the patient. The patient is the perpitrator here, but in our society the patient is treated as someone who’s ill because he was found not criminally responsible,” describes Stewart.

The BC Review Board is recommending Schoenborn be moved and it’ll be up to the Manitoba government to approve the request.

The family of Darcie Clarke is planning on asking BC’s attorney general to oppose the move because Clarke has family that lives near the Manitoba facility and they fear for their safety if Shoenborn were to be transferred.

Schoenborn killed his three children in Merritt in 2008.