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Suzanne Anton hopes to start political comeback

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The political battle lines are being drawn.

With Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender announcing his bid to run for the Liberals in Surrey-Fleetwood today, another civic politician is gearing up for a nomination battle.

Former Vancouver councillor Suzanne Anton is hoping to get the nod in Vancouver-Quilchena this weekend.

We haven’t heard much from her since she challenged Gregor Robertson for the Mayor’s chair in 2011.

She’s hoping her experience on council will sway those voting in Sunday’s nomination meeting at Prince of Wales Secondary. “When you’re a councillor in the City of Vancouver, you are responsible for a billion dollar operation, things that impact the daily lives of nearly 700,000 people, and you’re doing it in full public scrutiny,” Anton explains. “There is no substitute for being a frontline, right in the public eye politician.”

Given how the Grits are doing in the polls these days, it seemed fair to ask Anton if she would be happy serving in Opposition.

She maintains she’s in it to win, not just her seat, but another Liberal majority. “In my political career, I’ve done winning and I’ve done rebuilding. Winning is better.”

Anton is going up against Andrew Wilkinson, the party’s former president.

The seat has been held by former Finance Minister Colin Hansen since 1996.

Meantime, it will be a battle of political heavyweights across town next Wednesday.

Former Mayor Sam Sullivan and former MLA Lorne Mayencourt will duke it out for the nod in Vancouver-False Creek.

Newcomer Brian Fixter is also in the race.

The incumbent is Liberal Mary McNeil, who has held the riding since 2009.