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Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond pause push for shark fin ban

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – The push to ban shark fin in Metro Vancouver has lost momentum.

Three of the region’s biggest cities are taking a timeout; Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond have been looking at teaming up on a ban, but legal uncertainty in Ontario first caused Richmond to take a pause.

City staff in Burnaby are now recommending council drop the idea, and Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang, a vocal proponent of a ban, says his city is also going to wait.

“Currently, everything is on hold until we see the outcome of what happens in Toronto. There was a court challenge there. Toronto had lost, however Toronto is working on its appeal currently.”

Jang adds he’s still interested in a ban, but will now wait until the legal situation clears up.

“I’m listening to the voices of Vancouverites who are very clear: They want to see a ban on the sale and trade of shark fin in the City of Vancouver,” he tells us.

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Canada’s consumption of shark fin is but a drop in the ocean compared to world consumption. Banning it here won’t make any difference.

February 18, 2013 at 7:21 pm