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Premier starts selling pre-election budget

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Christy Clark has made her case for raising a couple of taxes while before a Vancouver business crowd.

The premier is defending personal and corporate income tax increases.

Clark was out to promote her balanced budget in front of a Vancouver Board of Trade audience. That meant explaining why the corporate tax rate is going up one point.

“Remember, even with that modest increase, corporate taxes will still be 33 per cent lower in British Columbia than they were in 2001.”

Clark also says the majority of people won’t be affected by a personal income tax increase, since it’s targetting those earning more than $150,000, a group she calls the three per cent.

“And I’m one of them. And I bet, looking around this room, we could probably name the other 59,999 between us.”

Clark made no mention of an Medical Services Plan premium increase, although she told reporters afterwards income tax rates over the years have gone down more than MSP premiums have gone up.