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Feds announce new Nfld Coast Guard base after Kits closure

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -On Tuesday, the federal government closed the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station. Today, it’s announced a new one in Newfoundland.

Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang erupted in laughter after hearing news the feds have announced $6.6 million to replace a station out east with a new one. He calls it very disappointing news.

“If they can find $6 million to open one up in Newfoundland, I’m sure they can find a lousy $700,000 to restore the services we need here in the city of Vancouver.”

The closure of the Kits base has drawn criticism from a number of groups for a number of months.

“Our fire chief was very clear; the closure of the Coast Guard base here puts lives at risk. It leaves huge gaps in the services in our harbour,” says Jang.

The federal government maintains safety will not be compromised, and the new one in Newfoundland will replace a 50-year-old station.

“The safety of mariners is a top priority of the Canadian Coast Guard. As part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade and replace Coast Guard resources across Canada, this new facility (in Newfoundland) will provide critical lifesaving search and rescue service for years to come,” says Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Keith Ashfield.