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This year's flu vaccine underperforms

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It turns out this year’s flu vaccine was not as effective as hoped, especially for seniors.

On a local level, there are studies and tests happening right now to find a better vaccine that works.

“We’ve had years where they’re much better. Last year, it varied from 40 to 70 per cent in the Fraser Health Authority depending on what vaccine you had,” says Dr. Paul Van Buynder with the Fraser Health Authority.

He says this year’s vaccine has only worked in just over half of all the people who got the shot.

“The message is, anything is better than nothing. We’ve got to try and protect our seniors. They should be vaccinated every year, but we also should be vaccinating people around seniors,” Van Buynder adds.

The research was done on those who contracted the H-3-N-2 strain.