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Burnaby is calling for a moratorium on fracking

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – It’s the first Metro Vancouver city, and perhaps first in the province, to call for a moratorium on fracking.

Despite the fact that there is no hydraulic fracturing in Burnaby, or even near Burnaby, city councillor Sav Dhaliwal says it’s an environmental question, and it affects us all.

“Since we are so interdependent with our neighbours and our environment, we have a duty to raise a concern.”

Burnaby becomes the first Metro Vancouver city to call for a moratorium on fracking.

The method injects a mix of water, sand and chemicals underground to get to natural gas. “We see ourselves as a part of a larger, broader community. All of us in North America and this world are connected,” says Dhaliwal.

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Anyone who thinks fracking is safe must not have seen David Suzuki’s doc. on the subject. If you have not seen the doc. please go to your google and just type “Town of dish lawsuit”. A town is taking 6 gas firms to court on the matter due to various health issues. Tell-tale sign is nose bleeds in children; maybe from the benzene, who knows…they are just starting the testing. Yeah sure these wells are safe, let me guess who would say just a thing…..big oil and gas guys.

February 25, 2013 at 9:20 am