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Vancouver could see an increase in laneway housing

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You soon could see more of those laneway houses around Vancouver.

The city is looking at expanding it into other residential zones, and hope to encourage more of the single storey laneway homes which will have less of an impact on neighbours who may feel they’re intrusive.

Urban planning expert Michael Gellar thinks it’s a good idea.

“I think a single level home would be much more attractive and fit in  much better, some of these one and a half storey homes, while very well designed they do become quite large.

He says it’ll also increase accessibility for seniors, many who see them as a good fit.

Council will review amendments in the spring.

In early March, the city is holding open houses to get your feedback.

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Educate yourselves people.

Everything you said is true, in so far as you have said very little! I imagine you don’t own a home in Vancouver, is that so? As a homeowner and a good citizen who cares for his corner lot – I would ask you to use your head. I shovel the sidewalks when it snows? I cut the grass when it grows? I rake the leaves when they fall – I clean the curb area so that the rain water doesn’t back up and / or flood the reservoir. I have never seen or heard of anyone else who likes to park in front of my home or adjacent to my home caring enough to do any of the above with respect to the City property! I don’t like cones or pails littering the streets but I do appreciate people who use common (uncommon these days) sense and can appreciate that as the caretaker of the property I have a vested interest and my vehicles belong in front of or beside my home! Why can’t people just park in front of their own homes or their friends homes? Why do so many people seek to reap the benefits of income from illegal suites without having any care or concern with respect to cars parked in front of other peoples homes? I receive no benefit financially from people who live in illegal suites and park in front of or beside my home? If a person doesn’t have parking set aside to accommodate tenants then they should be sensitive to the neighborhood in which they live and respect their neighbors privilege to come home and park in front of, or beside their own home or to have their guests do likewise! Many people throw garbage out of their parked cars or leave oil stains from dilapidated vehicles – many people choose to gather in front of someone else s home at strange hours of the night. When you are older and have made an investment in your home and neighborhood you will be able to see beyond your altruistic nonsense and appreciate the efforts of good people who make an effort to care for and nurture their homes and neighborhoods! If I don’t know you, if you don’t live “here”, why are you parking in front of my home?

March 01, 2013 at 5:58 pm

A bunch of no-income deadbeats in your laneway unless i can set the rent at 1800 dollar

February 25, 2013 at 4:42 pm