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Few days left to register to keep lower Port Mann toll rate

SURREY (NEWS1130) – TReO Customer Service Centres don’t want to see a repeat what happened in December, when too many people tried to get in on a special promotion at once.

Drivers have until Thursday to register to lock in that introductory toll rate on the new Port Mann Bridge.

If you decide to forgo the decal, it will start costing you $3 to cross the stretch, starting this Friday. The current promotional rate is $1.50 per crossing.

TReO is extending its hours to handle an expected influx of calls; more staff will be added, too.

In December, the company dealt with several frustrated drivers who couldn’t get through in order to get in on its 20 free trips promotion. That’s partially because many waited until the very last minute to do so, with no such luck.

More than 700,000 cars have already registered for a TReO account and are receiving the lowest toll rate. They’ll continue to get that rate until December.