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Can the BC Liberals turn things around for a win in May?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Can Premier Christy Clark turn things around with an election win?

With her BC Liberals struggling in the polls, News1130 is speaking with a political scientist about historic comebacks in provincial politics.

Hamish Telford with the University of the Fraser Valley points out polls aren’t always right, come election day.

He reminds us of the 1996 election when Glen Clark squeaked by Gordon Campbell. “When the NDP pulled out a victory out of a hat, they actually got fewer votes than the Liberals but the way things worked out, the NDP got more seats and formed the government. That was a shocker for a couple of reasons.”

In Alberta, the Progressive Conservatives beat out the Wildrose party last year; the polls were wrong in that election, too.

He also points to what happened last year in Alberta as the Progressive Conservatives beat the Wildrose party. “We saw all the polls right through the election campaign being wrong and perhaps if Christy Clark was on better terms with Allison Redford, she might call her for some advice.”

The BC Liberals are now trailing behind the NDP by 12 points.

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NDP shouldn't be asking voters for "time"

Obviously, the NDPs lack the confidence.

Like we all know, it’s about voting the “lesser” of the two evils.
And many of us and more and more of us are coming to realize that the NDP is not going to give us a better B.C.

Under an NDP government, it will, no doubt, get worse because they have been out of government for so long, lack the experience, and also have no other choice to rely on raising taxes for revenue.
The major reason for this? Because businesses and investors won’t stand to support an NDP government that is promising to tighten rules, tax everyone and everything possible, and create vacuum with a lot of red tape!

No investor in their right mind will waste their time and money on a government run under the NDP that discourages trade and investment and innovation through free enterprise principles.
They’re totally old school with their union supporting backdrop.

And look at the caliber of the candidates! Most are inexperienced and have very lame experiences. They are not worth our tax dollars!

However, the incomparably high-quality of most of the Liberal candidates only reinforces the preferred choice of government we need right now under such volatile economic conditions — that is stability and predictability.

The NDP will not bring stability or predictability to the citizens or investors!

The NDP does not seem to understand what “change for the better, one practical step at a time” means!

People do not have the time to see changes “one practical step at a time!”
No government should be asking the people for time!
People want confidence, stability, growth, and predictability.
We don’t want to lend the time or risk the time! And we don’t have the time!

The NDP (No Direction Party, No Development Party), therefore, should seriously rethink its campaign motto!

March 07, 2013 at 6:37 pm
K. Colins

I will be voting for the only party that has no baggage and can and will only do better than the Lieberals or the NDP, John Cummins has a proven Federal track record and the knowlege to do what is needed for BC, The BC Conservatives are a real choice for the betterment of ALL BC. not just the special faction groups as we now have and will have with the NDP. The Greens are a wishful thinking in dream land.

March 04, 2013 at 7:50 pm