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Wear pink and take a stand against bullying

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s time to dig that pink shirt out of the back of your closet and take a stand against bullying.

Everyone from RCMP officers to firefighters are wearing pink today to send the message that bullying isn’t tolerated.

Students from all over BC are wearing pink as well and Bully Beware Founder Cindi Seddon says it’s a good way to get them talking.

“I think wearing our pink shirts one day a year is a great thing, but we need to think pink,” Seddon tells News1130.  “We need to be pink.  We need to understand that this not a one day phenomenon.”

The idea was started in Nova Scotia in 2007 when several students showed up at school in pink shirts to support a classmate who had been bullied.

“Most of the activities are student driven with staff support,” says Vancouver School Board Vice-Chair Mike Lombardi.  “By and large, each school is finding a way to send the message which is acceptance for all and promoting a good, safe learning environment.”

Seddon says today isn’t just about children and teenagers; it’s also about educating parents.

“If you’re wondering about whether your child is being aggressive online, we really encourage parents to know what their children’s passwords are,” she says.

“We also encourage them to be their friend on Facebook so they can keep an eye on what they’re doing.  Also, notice aggressive tendencies going on at home if they’re changing their friendship groups.  I tell parents regularly if you think there’s something going on with your child, then you need to do some research on it.”

Premier Christy Clark will be wearing pink when she speaks to students at Point Grey Secondary School in Vancouver this afternoon.