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Minister open to BC Ferries / WA State partnership

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Could BC Ferries save money by teaming up with Washington and Alaska state ferries? It’s an idea that has been floated by the Evergreen State’s newest governor.

During his recent campaign, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee said in a policy brief that a partnership between BC Ferries and Washington State Ferries could somehow look at vessel sharing or other cost reduction measures, given how close the systems are.

BC Transportation Minister Mary Polak held a teleconference this afternoon. She says she’s open to the idea, but ultimately BC Ferries would have to be on board. Polak adds talks in the past never saw the idea set sail.

“There were discussions through the Northwest Economic Region around potential for integrating some travel options between the Alaska, Washington State, and BC Ferries service but it wasn’t successful in the end,” Polak says. “It’s something that I think people are always open to.  Nevertheless, it is an operational decision and BC Ferries would have to address that themselves.”

Her comments come with the release of a report today from two thousand public submissions on how BC Ferries could cut $26-million in costs and run more efficiently.

The public’s two greatest concerns: High fares and maintaining existing service.

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american in anacortes

As someone who travels to BC/Vancouver Is a couple times a year, this is not a bad idea.

However, if it involves expansion of ferry runs over the border, the rub will be with the DHS and CPB (on our side of the border). Lots of money and bureaucracy would be needed to make the runs efficient and timely for passengers.

March 07, 2013 at 8:20 am
Not a ferry traveler

Close duke point its cost 20 million a year to operate.They can dock in nanaimo.
Your ticket booths should be self serve lots of ferry staff drinking coffee standing around to check tickets.

I gave up a logging job on the island because of BC FERRYS.
What a poorly run welfare company always looking for government BAIL OUT ever heard the word bankrupt!

March 06, 2013 at 9:33 am