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Deadline looms for BC election candidate nominations

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some parties are closer that others when it comes to completing nominations with the deadline to fill all the ridings only one month away.

None of the parties have full slates yet but the BC NDP is close and is expected to have nominations completed soon.

OMNI TV’s Political Analyst Kim Emerson says the BC Liberals continue to nominate people weekly but still have 13 seats left empty.

“I think that they will still be able to find people to fill those positions although it is becoming more difficult to find people who are willing to run for the Liberals based on what has gone on over the past while,” he says.

The Conservatives and the Green Party are still out recruiting.

Emerson says during the election everyone will be paying close attention to the premier’s Vancouver Point-Grey riding. “That will be a riding that is potentially a swing riding. She didn’t win by a lot over David Eby of the NDP in the by-election, so that one could be very interesting.”

Christy Clark has not yet been nominated in the riding, Emerson says that isn’t expected to be a problem though. “Part of it is strategy and part of it is being able to try to find people who will run for them.”

The deadline to register as a voter is April 23rd, 2013.

The election takes place on May 14th, 2013.