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Contributors battle over whats on Dix's Wikipedia page

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you’re looking for a little background information on NDP leader Adrian Dix before the leaders’ debate later this month, be careful!

The biography on his Wikipedia page keeps changing. The page has been revised 50 times in less than 48 hours.

The section on the back-dated memo scandal from 14 years ago keeps disappearing and then popping up again.

The same thing has been happening on Christy Clark’s page, but to a lesser degree.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that allows its users to add or delete information.

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There has been far more allegedly-POV material that Liberal supporters have TRIED to have deleted from Christy’s page but failed because the items were cited and factual; their attempts to slander Glen Clark on his page are also notable……very “funny” to hear them complain about censorship on a page that they tried to use to replicate their attack ad. The reason there’s not so much pro-NDP type moves on various pages is because, well, it seems the NDP don’t partake in such silly games. I’m not pro-NDP despite the slags that I’m somehow connected to the Dix campaign. In BC politics “if you’re not for us, you’re for the other guy” is an old saw that’s tiresome and, maybe, on May 13, about to be stood on its head if some “fringe” (Green and Tory) MLAs get elected, plus a few Independents like Vicki Huntington.

BC Liberal moles have also tried to censor and revise POVishly the Erik Bornmann and Mark Marissen and BC Legislature Raids article, over and over and over. The attempt to blame all this on ME by not only these moles, but by the Sun’s Jeff Lee, who aped their line about me and went looking for material to discredit me (actually I suspect the “moles” provided him with that research, despite his claim of journalistic “integrity”. The Sun’s publication of FALSE material about this case (and refusal to acknowledge my demands for correction/apology/correction) is, to me, just part of that paper’s unofficial but widely-acknowledged ties to the Liberals/business party.

There’s a wikiprinciple called [[WP:DUCK]] – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Duck – about walking and talking like a duck. Lee, as did many of those moles who claimed they were NOT Liberals (LOLOL), fits the bill to a ‘t’. A duck’s bill, of course.

May 04, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    making me the subject of the tirades on Talk:Adrian Dix was very pointedly against Wikipedia rules and etiquette, as was Jeff Lee’s creation of an account so he could immediately abuse Wikipedia’s policies, which include not “outing” other editors. What was deliberately being avoided and defrayed was the REST of the Casinogate scandal’s “other side”, which had to do with the competing casino bid against Pilarinos’ one by a former Liberal candidate, namely Peter Montague, and the questionable ties between him and the RCMP investigagtion and senior Liberal Party members. Cites for that have not survived because they are only on blogs and op-ed columns from Terry Glavin and Alex Tsakumis and on the old Republic of East Vancouver site, now mirrored.

    The Sun has never covered any of this, but Wikipedia’s requirements that “reliable sources” are to be used, and blogs are not allowed, means that major media’s domination of citable materials reigns supreme over FACTS provided by independent researchers and blogs etc. Instead, “shoot the messenger” is the M.O. of the campaign when somebody calls them on their cr*p.

    May 04, 2013 at 10:40 pm