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Richmond IKEA employees handed lockout notices

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Picket lines will be set up at the IKEA in Richmond on Monday.

Employees have been given lockout notices after they rejected concession demands in a proposed collective agreement.

The agreement also included a proposed return to a tiered wage system.

“We have been negotiating with the company for some time now,” says Anita Dawson, Business Representative with Teamsters Local 213 which represents the 350 workers at IKEA.  “ We have put two company offers to a vote and our members rejected them both times.”

Members have also voted in favour of giving the union a strike mandate, which they say will make their position stronger at the bargaining table.

“The company has showed little interest in dealing with our issues at the bargaining table,” says Dawson. “They seem intent on following their agenda which involve cutbacks. Our members are not interested in going backwards.”

There are no scheduled talks between IKEA and the union.

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in respose to the above comment from anonomous canadian worker. do they realize that Ikea made 1.4 bilion in profits in canada alone last year? and that yes i make a decent wage but if you don’t get the hrs. we do not make enough to live on. we have 13 cashiers that get 0 hrs. per week yet are expected to be on call. I have been with the company 18 yrs and they clawed back my single medical coverage by scheduling me 14:50 hrs per week for 6mths to claw back coverage. coverage is 15 hrs per week they want to raise that to 24 hrs per week. and cap wages for employees so no one will ever make my wage. We used to be Ikea family and now we are just Ikea co-workers. So disappointed in this company management team.

June 25, 2013 at 2:11 pm
Canadian Worker

You all do realize… that union inflates the cost of goods and services resulting in inflated price and cost of living???

June 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm