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Lots of pressure on Canucks brass at weekend NHL draft


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – After two straight early playoff exits, there is a lot of pressure on the Vancouver Canucks at this weekend’s NHL Draft.

One expert has an idea what be may be going through the minds of team brass and there seems to be some science to the guesswork; Peter Tingling with SFU’s Beedie School of Business says the Canucks are, so far, showing they handle things differently than other teams.

He says they’re more objective in their decision-making, which is driven by statistics and research, but there can be some problems with that.

“Like trying to avoid the ‘squeaky-wheelism’, which is when you get all of your scouts in the room and the one with the loudest voice is the one you listen to the most. I think it really begins with understanding which of your scouts really knows what they’re doing,” says Tingling.

But there is a solution for that.

“Have your scouts individually evaluate players and to aggregate all of your information at the last possible minute so that you don’t get ‘group-think’ which is what happens when people get together and they converge on one single opinion,” he explains.

No matter what the team does, Tingling says it doesn’t guarantee they’ll pick the next Sidney Crosby or Pavel Datsyuk.

The team needs to make the right choice, as it could play a very big part in trading goalie Roberto Luongo.

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