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Machine gun and missile turned in during Gun Amnesty Program

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – A 1.8-metre missile, a machine gun and bayonets were all part of BC’s gun amnesty.

More than 1,800 guns and 31,000 rounds of ammunition were turned over to police across the province last month during the Gun Amnesty Program.

While many of the weapons on display at the press conference were not the type to be used in street violence, police say the whole thing has made us safer.

“This isn’t about reducing guns in the hands of criminals, this is about making our homes and communities safer by ultimately preventing any tragedies that may occur,” says Brad Houtley, President of the BC Association of Police Chiefs.

A five foot missile is probably one of the most unusual weapons ever turned in during a gun amnesty, it has been returned to the military.

It was turned in by a relative of a person who reportedly kept it as a souvenir after a tour of duty overseas.

Other notable weapons included bayonets from the 1800s and even a machine gun.

Attorney General Suzanne Anton says the weapons will be destroyed and can no longer be used by criminals who breaks into homes or be found by children.