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Family of murdered woman upset over parole hearing delay

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – The family of a murdered Abbotsford woman is frustrated, as they try to keep a man in prison. They’ve been told a parole hearing has been postponed.

Rupy Sidhu has been preparing to make a plea before the parole board, which is reviewing the case of Sandeep Toor.

Toor is one of three people convicted in the shooting death of Sidhu’s mother, Baljit Kaur Kondolay, 15 years ago.

Sidhu says a hearing scheduled for October is now delayed until November. “He gets to dictate when he feels he’s ready. It’s a complete disgrace. It’s a complete injustice to us. Obviously the justice system is working for Toor and not for the victims.”

Toor is the first of the three convicted men to come up for parole. He drove the car used in the crime.

Sidhu says the whole case has been difficult on her.

“It’s consuming my headspace. It’s consuming my time. I’m taking time away from my family. I have young children, and they see their mom going through frustration, and they don’t understand why she’s upset,” she tells us.

Sidhu continues to collect names in an online petition. She hopes it will convince the parole board to keep Toor in custody.

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This must be very frustrating and it’s terrible what this woman must have gone through, and is still going through. I’m not sure how newsworthy this is though. The parole hearing has been delayed a month? I don’t get that that translates to an article that focus on this same old song of trashing the “injustice” system. It just seems unbalanced and grasping to report that a month long delay is somehow a terrible affront to justice for this poor woman. In the scheme of things, is it really? Victims get support services and are accompanied throughout these processes, and are usually pre-councilled on the reality that sometime hearings get postponed, and sometimes it seems like it’s all about the offender. If you are a victim, often there is nothing bad enough that could happen to the offender to suit you, and that hatred really only ends up spoiling their lives, not the others. A certain amount of detachment and acceptance can go a long way to find peace. I hope she comes to a sense of peace and is able to heal her wounds no matter what happens to the person who abetted the killing of her mom.

August 23, 2013 at 7:25 pm