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Author gives tips and tricks for first-timers moving out

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It can be a nerve wracking time for young people as they pack up their belongings, and get ready to flee the nest

Author Cindy Babyn has many tips and tricks for 17- to 30- year-olds who are making the jump out of the family house.

Babyn says the two biggest obstacles facing young adults are picking the right roommate and sticking with a realistic budget.

“Have a really good conversation, an honest conversation about who they’re trying to live with. Try to match themselves up with somebody of a similar character. For example, if you’re a night owl don’t live with someone who’s a morning person.”

In terms of setting a budget, Babyn has this advice for managing finances.

“Knowing what the monthly revenue is, and then writing out some of the major expenses they know they’re going to have that month. So rent being the most expensive thing, phone and internet, transit passes, food. The odds and ends really also add up, like haircuts, bank fees and extra tuition costs.”

She points out a huge aspect of moving out for the first time is the psychological impact, including homesickness whether or not people want to admit it.

“They’ve left a place where people always care about how their day’s been. It’s a loneliness for some youth and it can get a little bit more serious if people experience depression.”

Her advice for battling home sickness is to reach out to friends and family at home, either by phone or social media like Facebook.

Students going to UBC this semester started moving into their residence halls on Saturday.

Post secondary schools across the province start the term after Labour Day.

Cindy Babyn is the author of Moving Out: A Young Adult’s Guide to Living on Our Own.