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Protesters prepared to demonstrate against new bridge

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Remember Stop-the-Pave? They were the folks who protested the construction of the new Port Mann Bridge.

They’re prepared to stand up again, this time against the bridge that will replace the Massey Tunnel.

The group believes the bridge over the south arm of the Fraser represents the same issues as the new Port Mann does: more cars, more pollution, and more congestion.

“But it’s got an added component. The bridge is actually designed to allow larger coal ships and larger oil tankers into the Fraser. So there is a triple reason to oppose it,” says the group’s Eric Doherty.

He insists the three billion dollars to build the bridge would be better spent on TransLink to help solve its funding problems.

But does protesting make a difference?

“We had protests around the North Fraser Perimeter Road and we won. It has been cancelled. It’s off the books. Right now, plans for the Pattullo Bridge are in limbo because of the pressure and the protests in New Westminster.”

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We do need a new crossing here, but not an expensive bridge, that option is for the larger ships, and we do not need the huge tolls they will add, with this government, nothing is done for the good of the people, everything is done to improve business

September 24, 2013 at 8:07 am