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New civic party wants to rescind bike lanes

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Love ’em or hate ’em, it looks like bike lanes are here to stay.  Or are they?

The leader of Vancouver’s newest civic party is talking about taking some of them back.

“There are a number of bike lanes around town that just don’t make sense,” admits Glen Chernen, leader of the Vancouver Cedar Party. “There are too many and they’re taking up too much room in some places.”

If elected next year, he promises to rethink at least one controversial project. “They haven’t taken Point Grey Road down yet, they haven’t turned that into a private drive yet, but that seems to be the plan.  Whatever they do there, we’re going to reverse that.”

He calls the safety concerns along the Point Grey Road Cornwall Avenue Corridor a red herring.

Chernen maintains he’s not against the idea of bike lanes themselves, but feels the city has gone too far with them.

“The ones that have been here for decades, they are serving a great purpose.  We’re cyclists and we do ride the bike routes all around town, our supporters do,” he insists.  “But they also understand and they’re also fed up with a council that has gone crazy doing these things.  We think that there are ulterior motives in doing these things.”

Chernen feels the bike lane debate is a just a distraction from bigger questions like density and development in neighbourhoods like Marpole and Grandview-Woodlands.

He feels the City is dominated by “big money” and that’s why he’s promising to cap campaign donations at $2,400 a head.

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Roads cannot be widened much, or even at all, in Vancouver city confines. The only solutions left are to shift private vehicle drivers, a very large proportion of which are single occupant vehicles, to walking, cycling and transit.

October 05, 2013 at 2:29 pm

As a motorist I’m sick of the selfish cyclists, they have no respect for the rules. Sure, as a motorist I rarely come to a complete stop at stop signs, sometimes I don’t signal, I usually speed, I HAVE to take phones calls and respond to texts when driving, I love the new $3 billion bridges (money much better spend on me than the mentally ill), I commute alone (I fear some of my colleagues might cycle for leisure at the weekends), I demand these wide strips of black tarmac through our cities, suburbs and residential areas which are corridors of pollution, noise and danger.

Where was I? Oh yes, those selfish cyclists. They don’t even contribute to the petro-business conglomerates, Sure, they buy tires occasionally (rarely) and they will oil their chains, but how is that sustaining Shell, Esso etc. Its a disgrace!

If these cyclists had it their way, we wouldn’t need drilling in the arctic, tankers and pipelines full of oil, wars to secure oil reserves and we mays well shut down the oil sands. They really are a joke. Yeee haw!

BTW: Don’t get me started on the vegetarians! They are probably just a subset of the cycling group anyway.

October 05, 2013 at 7:49 am