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Northern BC man accused of serial killings goes on trial

PRINCE GEORGE (NEWS1130) – The trial involving a young man charged with the murders of four women in northern BC begins Monday in Prince George.

Cody Legebokoff is charged with the murders of Cynthia Mass, Jill Stuchenko, Loren Leslie and Natasha Montgomery.

The first part of the trial will involve a “voir dire,” during which lawyers’ arguments cannot be made public.

It’s not known how long this phase of the trial will last.

Maas’ body was found at a Prince George park in the fall of 2010. Stuchenko’s body was found in a gravel pit near Prince George in October of 2009.

Montgomery’s remains have never been located. She disappeared in the fall of 2010.

Legebokoff was originally only charged with the murder of Leslie, a 15-year-old Fraser Lake girl, who was legally blind. He was 20 years old when he was charged.

Police arrested Legebokoff after conservation officers came across Leslie’s body while investigating suspected poaching at a remote logging road near Vanderhoof.

Legebokoff was working in Prince George when he was charged, but is originally from Fort St. James. A year after the first charge, police charged him with the additional three counts.

Prince George Citizen reporter Mark Nielsen says the charges shocked the people who know the young man.

“He just seemed like your typical northern BC kid. He was working as a partsman at a local car dealership when he was arrested.  He had been out of the province then he came back,” he explains.

The ordeal is far from over for the Montgomery family, because they’ve never been able to properly bury Natasha. Nielsen says last year they held a smudge in the Prince George apartment where the mother of two is believed to have met her death.

“In part it was ceremonial, and in part it was an occasion to try to trigger some memories, to see if anyone there  could remember seeing anything unusual, or a specific vehicle,” he says.

Montgomery was 23 when she disappeared. Maas and Stuchenko were both 35 when they were killed.