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The most admired Canadian is an environmental activist

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Longtime outspoken Vancouver environmentalist David Suzuki tops the list of who you chose as admirable Canadian.

That’s according to 57 per cent of the 1,017 people across the country participating in the Angus Reid Survey.

Suzuki was followed by Paralympian Rick Hansen with 50 per cent, Broadcaster Peter Mansbridge with 48 per cent and Author Margaret Atwood with 34 per cent. Further down the list is Stephen Harper, with only 23 per cent.

Here in BC, Hansen is at the top, with 76 per cent of us saying he’s someone we respect.

As for people we’re not so impressed with, they include Senator Mike Duffy who is at the centre of the Senate expense scandal; former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong, who is facing several lawsuits accusing him of abusing former students; and jailed former newspaper magnate Conrad Black.