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Ferry runs aground at Mayne Island

MAYNE ISLAND (NEWS1130) – A BC Ferry has run aground at Village Bay on Mayne Island. No injuries have been reported.

The vessel in question is the Queen of Nanaimo.

It was pushed off course by strong wind, says Deb Marshall with BC Ferries.

“The captain had already determined to cancel the leg that would have crossed over Georgia Straight to Tsawwassen but there were already wind gusts in the area and it did set the vessel out of position.”

Witnesses say the ferry was backing out of the terminal when the wind grabbed hold.

“It tried to back out, the wind got it and it swung around took out part of the dock at the ferry terminal, then took out a private dock and it’s up hard aground,” says Doug, who lives nearby.

Marshall says she doesn’t believe the boat struck the terminal but acknowledged it did hit the private dock.

Doug says that part of the shoreline isn’t rocky.

“Kind of a shale, sandy bottom. It’s a very gentle slope off the beach. I think the ship draws about 16 feet of water if I’m not mistaken but it is sitting up on the beach.”

Marshall says it will be towed to the Long Harbour terminal once it is free.

At that point they’ll determine the extent of the damage.