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Health may be key to drivers choosing transit: Expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If gas prices and tolls aren’t enough to get you out of your car, maybe a potential threat to your health will make you want to consider taking transit.

Dr. Lawrence Frank with the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning told a transportation discussion in Burnaby that he thinks our well-being is the key to expanding our transit system.

Frank says the cost of our driving habits is hurting more than just our wallets. “We are lazy and we are sedentary and our transportation system supports that.”

He says the greenhouse gas argument is also profound but it’s completely externalized. “It is not as pressing to the individual, but your health is.”

Frank doesn’t believe the environmental argument will have as much of an impact as health and mobility.

News1130 took asked transit riders what they thought.

This man feels transit was a good move for him. “I gave up my car four years ago when I was 400 pounds. I am about 270 now because I gave up my car.”

This woman says it’s a good way to start her day. “When I get to work I am already alert because I have been in the fresh air and my blood is pumping.”

But other commuters admit they don’t like change or inconvenience, saying there has to be a better way to get around the region. Others argue a lack of accessibility in the region is still turning many commuters off of transit.