WEST KELOWNA (NEWS1130) – Pro-pot activists call it a symbolic victory; even though they probably won’t be able to get the signatures they needed to force marijuana law reform, they did reach their goal in the premier’s riding.

Westside-Kelowna has been dubbed a successful riding by Sensible BC’s Dana Larsen; that’s the riding  headed up by Christy Clark.

“I hope the premier will listen, even if we don’t get all of the signatures we need. It is still clear that this is an important issue to British Columbians and one that needs to be addressed,” says Larsen.

He tells us the signatures will be scooped up in that riding today.

“We’ve got a really good team in Kelowna that has been doing really well, so I fully expected to reach our target in [Westside-Kelowna] and I am really gratified to see that happen.”

The deadline for signatures is December 9th. Sensible BC likely will not get enough signatures to force a non-binding referendum or a vote in the Legislature, but Larsen says his team will try again.