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Protest planned over radio towers slated for Point Roberts

TSAWWASSEN (NEWS1130) – People in Tsawwassen not happy with five radio towers that could be relocated to Point Roberts are gathering for a protest at noon on Sunday.

The organizer of the demonstration says those same towers have been the subject of several complaints in nearby Ferndale.

According to Suzanne Rosser with the Point Roberts Conservation Society, the company wants to relocate the towers so that it can boost its wattage around the clock.

She cites a litany of complaints from people who live near the towers in Ferndale.

“It’s technically called blanketing interference. Ham radio operators have not been able to use their ham radios. People have been getting signals that bleed through their radios and TVs,” she explains.

Plus, she says documents submitted in the company’s relocation application fail to consider the impact on the community of Tsawwassen, just north of the border.

“Where they wish to erect their towers is a stone’s throw from the residents of Tsawwassen. It’s literally across the street. In all of their planning materials, they’ve eliminated the town of Tsawwassen.”

The towers are meant to transmit the signal for KRPI Radio, which transmits Punjabi programming in the Lower Mainland.

The protest is scheduled to take place at 1 Ave. & 56 St. in Tsawwassen at noon.

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Reminds me of this:)

KRPI is an Asian station headquartered in Ferndale, WA and they decided to move the towers
to a peninsula (Roberts Point) partly owned by the U.S.?

Must be a tax break or something more to the story.
I think Canada should win that peninsula away politically from the U.S.!!

Or, if nothing else, since their border has to be crossed when entering Roberts Point levy
a stiff crossing fee. Make it illegal to enter via the water access…

I would enjoy hearing a war finally starting between the US and Canada :)

December 02, 2013 at 5:15 am
Just a thought ..

Just a thought, if these powerful radio transmitters are installed on the US side of the border what is to stop you from building a Tesla receiver on the Canadian side and capturing the output power from these antennas and reconverting it back to A/C power and selling it back to hydro. A money maker ?

December 01, 2013 at 10:22 am