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Hundreds march through Port Coquitlam to end bullying

PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) — A crowd numbering in the hundreds donned pink t-shirts and umbrellas to march through Port Coquitlam for the I AM SOMEONE Walk.

The group hosted the walk last year, then called The Snowflake Walk in memory of Amanda Todd, but organizer Greg Moore explains how they wanted to have a wider scope this year since four teens took their lives because of bullying.

“We did not want to infringe upon Carol Todd’s great work and Amanda’s name, so out of respect we decided to change our logo, make sure that it’s separate. Yet still communicating on what we’re doing and sharing what we’re doing [with Carol Todd].”

Leigh Square played host to musicians, entertainers and motivational speakers before the I AM SOMEONE walk marched through the city’s streets.

Conrad Gray is autistic and a victim of bullying. He explains how he wants to help those with special needs who are victims of bullying.

“I’m supporting this cause because I hate being bullied, and I hate seeing people get bullied. I like standing up to those bullies. I have a motto that I always go by, and I say ‘when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, than you’ll be successful.'”

Many in the crowd believe to truly support bully victims, you have to start at home.

“Let them know that people are out there and that you can turn to someone,” says Bonnie VanDrimlin who has a handful of grandchildren in school.

VanDrimlin goes on to explain “Don’t keep it inside, share. Be there to support them, and these kinds of things [being bullied] can be a kind of personal growth.”

I AM SOMEONE is ready to launch a text-helpline app, where teens can send a quick message at any time of the day to get support if they’re being bullied.