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Dashcam videos paint ugly picture of Metro Vancouver driving

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – How often do you see other drivers pulling stupid moves on your commute?

Someone has been capturing prime examples of poor driving leading to crashes in Metro Vancouver and posting the video online — and it certainly does not paint a flattering picture of “Left Coast” drivers.

YouTube user “xSupaD” has been compiling video captured by dashcams for about a year now and some of the “best of” have been put together and are making the rounds online.

It’s shocking, depressing (and dare we say even a little funny at times when it involves parkades, cement posts and poor parking skills) and the videos are certainly generating a lot of comments.

Some blame left-turners, others blame red-light-runners, and one international driver calls Canada the worst place to drive in North America and Europe, with Vancouver the worst of the worst.

Check out the videos and judge for yourself: