VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Trevor Linden becoming the Canucks new president of hockey operations doesn’t seem to be doing much for tickets sales.

“Pulling teeth is a lot easier than selling a Canucks ticket these days,” says Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket.

He says right after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup, they started to see sales go downhill. “We are looking at a down slide of at least three to four years. Had they done some systematic changes all the way through, they would not be having the exodus they’re having with season ticket holders.”

Bailey says he’s hearing from a lot of people that they want to see Pat Quinn named as the Canucks new general manager. “Pat Quinn is a hockey mind that would be a benefit to any organization and right now, with the way the Canucks are in such disarray, Pat Quinn would give a really, really good level where the fans could say ‘hey, maybe I’ll come back.’”

Bailey says it seems the only game people are interested in right now is Sunday’s game against the Flames, when Pat Quinn will be inducted into the Ring of Honour.