Weather Guarantee FAQ

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How do I enter this contest?

A: To enter the Weather Guarantee Contest, you have to first become a member of the Insider Club. You can do this here.  Once you’re an Insider Club member you can earn points to enter yourself in the contest. You can earn points by entering bonus codes found in our weekly Newsletter (opt in to receive it), you can listen to News 1130 to hear the Insider of the Day, and make sure to keep your eyes on the “Earn Points” tab within your account for other great ways to accumulate points!


What happens when Russ misses the Weather Guarantee?

A: At 7:11 a.m. Russ Lacate will check the day’s high temperature at Vancouver Airport against his prediction from the day before. If he’s within 2 degrees, $100 is added onto the escalating jackpot. If he blows it, we’ll let everyone know that someone has the opportunity to win the jackpot later that day!

Once Russ announces that he has missed the previous day’s daily high, you have until 4:54pm that day to enter the contest for the jackpot. At 4:55 pm Russ will announce the name of the lucky Insider who can claim the cash.

That person has 11 minutes and 30 seconds to call in to the station using our toll-free contest number 310-1130 and win!

If we don’t get a phone call, the jackpot rolls over and keeps building. Your entries do not roll over, and you need to submit for the rolled over jackpot as it is a new contest.

If we get our winner, a new contest will start with the jackpot at $1000, and you can submit new entries for the new draw.


What time does Russ check to see if he missed the Weather Guarantee?

A: 7:11am


How many times can I enter the contest?

A: As many times as you want, until your points are used up. 1 entry into the weather guarantee costs 250 points.


Do I need to re-enter the draw every time Russ blows the Weather Guarantee?

A: Yes. Regardless of a winner claiming the jackpot or not, a new contest always begins at 4:55pm on the day Russ announces the Weather Guarantee Winner.  Entries bought before the winner announcement at 4:54pm do not carry over to the next contest.


What number do I call if I hear my name announced as the winner?

A: 310-1130, make sure to call back within 11 minutes and 30 seconds to claim your prize!


I’m having issues getting through to the contest line (310-1130). How can I remedy this?

A: Your landline provider may be an issue. If you’re using a landline, try calling on a cell phone. If you have issues getting through and you live outside of Metro Vancouver, try entering the area code (604) ahead of the phone number. If you’re still having issues, we suggest calling your phone provider and letting them know you’re having an issue connecting with a 310 number.


What happens if the contest winner doesn’t call News 1130 (310-1130) within 11 minutes and 30 seconds?

A: The jackpot rolls over to the next day, and a new Weather Guarantee contest begins. You’ll have to buy new entries for the new contest, as entries don’t roll over.


What happens if Russ blows the Weather Guarantee two days in a row, and the winner for the first jackpot doesn’t claim it?

A: Let’s say this happens on a Monday & Tuesday. If Monday’s unclaimed jackpot is $2000, Tuesday jackpot will begin at $2000, this will be the jackpot available for the Tuesday winner to claim.


When will Russ announce the Weather Guarantee winner?

A: At 4:54pm the day after he blows the Weather Guarantee. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an e-mail to remind you to listen for your name!


How do we know if the jackpot has been claimed?

A: If you missed the excitement on air, we will list the name of the winner on the Weather Guarantee contest page.  If no one claims it, we will note that as well.


Is Russ as cool as he seems to be?

A: He’s even cooler than he seems.