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Growing support for Transgender people in Canada: poll

Last Updated Sep 7, 2016 at 9:53 am PDT

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More than eight-in-10 people support expanding non-discrimination laws

Roughly 15 per cent describe themselves as Trans opponents

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130 ) – There appears to be growing support among Canadians for transgender people in this country, according to a poll by Angus Reid Institute. More than eight-in-10 of those asked support expanding non-discrimination laws to include gender identity

However, researcher Ian Holliday admits there is some fatigue on the issue too. “What we find when we ask Canadians about a suite of different cultural institutions and how much attention they’ve paid to trans issues, we find that overall, Canadians lean towards saying they’ve seen a little too much of transgender people lately.”

He adds nearly 50 per cent identify as Trans allies while only 15 per cent would describe themselves as Trans opponents. “There is a strong sense of favourability towards trans people in this survey.”

On balance, Canadians tend to view increasing acceptance of transgender people as “a sign of social progress.”

On the washroom issue, nearly 60 per cent say transgender people should use the facilities they feel most comfortable using, rather than having laws or policies make the choice for them.

Similarly, when asked if greater acceptance of transgender people is a sign that society is moving toward “a more fluid concept of gender.”